Western Skies is a small group of dedicated professionals that was founded to provide software, educational, and web services.

Our software development experience and passion lies in the areas of systems programming and also infrastructure and tool development and deployment. We have worked on everything from embedded device drivers and operating systems to small-business ERP systems to web application frameworks. We embrace open-source technology, but we only suggest it to clients if it is the right solution for the problem at hand.

We develop both attractive static web sites using HTML, CSS, PHP and images as well as dynamic web sites using server-side technologies including Apache, MySQL, Python, and Java. Our web development has included an online punk rock magazine, a non-profit organization, and web sites for alpaca ranches.

Our entire team has extensive experience educating students and clients. Our experience has included teaching computer science, English and project management at the college level, corporate training, and talks to civic groups. We have extensive face-to-face teaching experience, as well as experience using some of the latest online educational technologies.

We are headquartered in the Willamette Valley of Oregon – in the words of the late Chris Ledoux, "beneath these Western Skies."

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